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Welcome to our Virtual Hospital Tour!
2565 Broad St.
Sumter, SC 
Exam Rooms:
This is one of our four examination rooms. Upon arrival to the hospital our friendly receptionist will guide you to the selected room. The first available technician will then greet you and record your pets history and chief complaint, so they're able to give the doctor a briefing before they arrive to the room to perform a thorough examination. After examination, the technician will then go over the recommended treatment plan with you and escort the patient to our treatment area. No worries, while your pet is with them in the treatment area they will be treated as one of their own. 

In-House ​Laboratory: 
This is where we are able to run our in house bloodwork for pre-op screenings, heartworm testing, intestinal parasite screenings, and many more diagnostics. We also offer off-site laboratory for more extended blood panels.

Digital Radiography:
We now proudly offer digital radiology! With digital radiology we are able to process films quicker, get clearer images, and we can also send radiographs to a board certified radiologist upon our doctor's recommendations. 

We pride ourselves in the ability to take radiographs without sedation, in most cases, though some cases will require sedating your pet in order to obtain the most accurate films.
Isolation Ward:
Occasionally, we have patients that need to be housed away from our healthy patients, whether it is for an extended hospital stay or simply during their visit. Our isolation ward provides a safe, secure place for these patients to be housed while containing potentially infectious disease to a designated place in the hospital. This room is thoroughly disinfected between each patient and patients housed in this ward are routinely checked by both technicians and doctors. 
Surgical Preparation and Surgery Suite: 
Right: Surgical preparation is where our surgical instruments are cleaned, packaged, and sterilized using a steam autoclave in preparation for upcoming surgeries. Our "crash cart" also lives in surgical prep and houses all medications and supplies that may be needed in case of an emergency.

Left: Our state of the art surgical suite is where most surgeries (with the exception of dental cleanings) are performed. Technicians work very closely with the doctor performing the surgery to monitor anesthesia and position lights appropriately. Patients are monitored continuously throughout both the surgical procedure and recovery.
Consultation & Comfort:
In this room doctors perform ultrasounds and different types of consultations. 

We also try to perform all euthanasias in this room, to provide a quiet, comfortable place for both client and patient alike. We know how hard it can be to say goodbye to our loved ones which is why we offer a bit of peace. Aside from signing all required paperwork you'll be asked for a particular color/colors you associate with your pet. A technician then helps to customize a memorial paw and nose print to remember your pet by. 
This room is equipped with a wireless doorbell for clients to easily and privately notify staff members that assistance is needed. The doorbell rings to both our pharmacy area as well as the doctor's office. 

Private and communal cremation of your pet is available through Bullock Funeral Services.
We are passionate about your pets